Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If you can't say anything nice... Come sit next to me.

Me: Hi!  I have been saving money and I would like to give it to you in exchange for fixing my roof!  Won't that just work out wonderfully, since that is what you DO for a LIVING?  YAY, sunshine! Butterflies!  Puppies and clouds! 

Contractor #1: [No answer] = You suck, and I don't want your stupid job.
Contractor #2: "This message box is over the size limit." = I suck and everyone is complaining at me.
Contractor #3: "That will be a million gazillion dollars, please." = Ha ha!  You can't afford me!
Contractor #4: Measured. Still waiting, and am hopeful on this one!  Like a fool.


Equally annoying is the fact that my children have decided that they are only going to eat macaroni and cheese.  This is SuperDad's fault, because he makes a simply fantastic macaroni and cheese with DeBole's corn noodles, three kinds of cheese, and ham bits. 

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