Thursday, January 3, 2008

Financial Shape in 2008 Challenge: The Budget

Here it is folks, as inspired by the Money Saving Mom.

$702.83 The mortgage
$93.00 Phone/Internet/TV
$8.00 Car registration
$213.26 Minimum student loan payments
$70.00 Preschool
$243.00 Utilities (a $50 decrease from last year, despite a 5% increase in gas cost)
$93.00 Auto insurance
$18.01 Netflix
$57.00 Water
$75.00 Christmas (no firm decision on this yet)
$9.00 Lawn care
$20.00 Taxes
$25.00 General savings
$473-ish Debt snowball (clearly, always less as there is some unexpected expense every single month)

$505.00 Food
$170.00 Gas
$40.00 Books and clothes
$25 Fun
$60.00 Gifts

Everything above the line is managed within our checking account, including a separate register that includes all of those savings categories. Everything below the line is on a cash system.

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