Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10

We're at the end of the pay period and coming to that time where the fresh food is mostly gone, so it's canned fruits and veggies, etc.

Dinner update:

  • Polish sausage ($2.00)
  • Mashed potatoes with salt and butter (.50)
  • Corn (.33)
  • Pineapple (.99)
  • Total: $3.82

The kids drank milk, but SuperDad and I had water.

Budget update:

  • $0 spent yesterday
  • Well, except for the pop and candy that SuperDad bought with the $50 tip he got photographing a wedding this weekend. Tipsy, weepy, fathers of the bride... can't beat it.

For breakfast this morning, the kids had pumpkin muffins from a Gluten Free Pantry mix that I bought on sale for $1.99. If you've ever bought GF mixes, you know what a steal that was. I stocked up and bought one pumpkin mix, two lemon poopy seed (yeah, I said "poopy" because trying to clean poppy seeds out of a little boy's diaper? Not. Fun.), and four banana, which is by far their favorite and they would eat it all day every day if I a) let them and b) could afford that.

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