Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Selling AVON

I've been selling AVON for about four years now. Because I don't go crazy buying the products (which is the temptation for a lot of people, but I'm not that kind of people), I make okay money doing it.

I put in about 5 hours a month and make anywhere from $50-150 a month. It's worth my time, for sure.

As I packaged up my orders last night, I was really excited to see that I was going to get an extra $50 profit for this two-week period. Yay! Except...

  • One of my customers is on vacation for the next week, so that's $32 that won't show up until next pay period. And then...
  • One of my customers used a credit from a past return, so that eats up $3 of my profit. And then...
  • Someone needed to exchange something because it didn't fit and I told her (of course) that she didn't have to pay until the right size arrives, so that's $8 less.
Which leaves me with a grand total of $7 profit. Yarg. It will come later, I know. But we need it now. Luckily, I always know I'll need it then too.

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