Monday, August 27, 2007

Dinner Update

When I first found out that my daughter was gluten intolerant, one of the things I looked for was what she *could* eat. Sure, there were lots of web sites listing all of the things that she couldn't eat, but what I wanted was real life meal ideas, made out of "normal" food, that I could put together simply and easily. Especially since I was about 38 weeks pregnant at the time!

So, when I list a meal like this, it's not because I'm trying to show off my cooking skills (obviously, ha!), but because it's this kind of idea I needed when I first started out on my family's gluten-free journey.

Chicken breast, fried with salt & pepper ($2.32)
Whole potatoes, baked in the microwave (.40)
Green beans (.46)

Dessert: Lundberg Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes (my understanding is that Quaker rice cakes are not gluten-free, due to cross contamination) - (these were a gift from someone who found them "too sweet." I didn't really understand the words that were coming out of her mouth. Too sweet? Huh?)

Total: $3.18

This kind of meal is pretty normal for us: Meat, rice/potatoes, veggie. We rarely have dessert, though if we do, it's usually something like fresh strawberries or bananas, maybe with a little bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup drizzled over the top.

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