Monday, June 16, 2008


Gluten Free Eating Update: SuperDad wanted lasagna for dinner last night, so I made a gluten-free version for the kids using DeBoles Rice Penne, spaghetti sauce, ground turkey, cottage cheese, mozzerella, and parmesean. D said, "I LOVE zagna!" :)

Reading Update: I finished Little House on the Prairie just in time to get it back to the library (ahem, note to my mother, who never reads this: you could bring over my own personal copies anytime, thanks). I know we're supposed to be outraged that they were kicked off "their" land at the end of that book and had to walk away from the crops they'd just planted and all, but... Well, it just wasn't really their land. Sorry. (But then... is my land mine? Sigh.)

On to Farmer Boy. I remember really not caring for this one as a kid, since it isn't about Laura, but about her future husband, Almanzo. I must not be the only one that feels this way, since the library copy of this is practically pristine in comparison to all of the other books. One of the first scenes is about the teacher having to battle a group of big boys who beat up the last teacher so badly that he died from his injuries. And we thought school violence was a new thing.

Money Update: Due to my own laziness, when I took our weekly cash out at the bank, I never separated it into the envelopes. Groceries are bought, gas is full, and we have $39 to make it until Friday. Can we do it?

Garden Update: Looking good! We ate our first radishes. SuperDad put up a trellis type thing for the peas, which are growing up it nicely. I'll try to take photos sometime this week.

Baby Update: 23 weeks along, everything looks fine, I am already enormous, no, it isn't twins.

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