Monday, July 16, 2007


So. I'm trying to build up my emergency fund to $1,000. As, well, you know, they say to. Anyway, I realized that I've got about $500 in savings bonds. And, hey, that totally counts. I was reading about converting them into electronic bonds so that I could a) keep track of what they are worth and b) if needed, electronically cash them out directly into my checking account. Which, awesome, right?

I received this e-mail from the savings bond people:

Hello, The conversion of paper bonds to the electronic form is by invitation only. If you would like an invitation, send us an e-mail from within your TreasuryDirect account requesting an invitation to convert your paper savings bonds. Making your request in this manner provides us the information we need to extend the invitation, while assuring us the account holder is making the request.

Dude. What is with this? I kind of feel like a loser e-mailing someone to ask for an invitation to something. Maybe I should a digitial photo of me looking cute? Or not.

Meal update:
We tried two new meals this weekend.

Beefy Black Beans and Rice
Adapted from the About Southern Cooking web site
1/2 lb. hamburger (.99)
garlic (?)
onion (?)
tomato sauce (.24)
1 T chili powder (?)
2 cans black beans, rinsed (1.32)
hot cooked rice (.50)

Total: $3.05, with plenty of leftovers

Brown beef with the garlic and onion. Add tomato sauce and beans. Simmer on stove while cooking rice.

Mmmm. The kids even liked this one. But I have a feeling that all the money I save serving beans and rice is rather quite expensive in the cost to my mental health when the time comes to clean up the floor after my kids who apparently confuse the word "rice" with "confetti."

Slowcooker White Chicken Chili
Adapted from a recipe from "All You" magazine
2 cans white beans, drained ($1.50)
2 c chicken broth, I made from bouillon (?)
3 chicken breasts ($2.39)
1 can diced roasted green chilis (.36)
1 T cumin (?)

Total: $4.25

Cook beans and broth in slow cooker on low 2 hours. Cook chicken with salt and pepper (I cooked in olive oil). Add to slow cooker with chilis and cumin.

Kids didn't love so much, but I thought it was great. According to E (3), it was too too "sproiky." I think that means spicy. Which it wasn't.

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