Monday, October 1, 2007

Dinner Update, And an Apple Pie

Beefy Lentil Soup - This recipe made enough for our family of four (served with bread and butter and milk) and to send a good portion over to a sick friend's house - not sure how far it got them, though. I thought it was extra yummy.

I used ground turkey rather than beef, so maybe it's more like Poultry-y Lentil Soup. I'm guessing it cost a little over $4.00.


E came home from preschool last Thursday to let me know that they had made an apple pie in class. The heartbreak in her tears when I told her that she couldn't eat the pie even though the teacher had said everyone could have some... well. So, together, we made a gluten free apple pie this weekend.

Awesome Gluten Free Apple Pie With Crumble Topping

During naptime, I mixed up the crust and set it to chill in the fridge. Then I peeled, cored, and sliced the apples, mixed in the sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and put them in the fridge in their own bowl. Then I mixed up the crumble topping and put THAT in the fridge in a separate bowl. When E woke up, she got to combine everything, and now she has a pie she can be proud of.

I made three tartlet-sized pies. We ate one last night and: YUM. Oh my. This was better than regular apple pie, and I'm not even kidding. I'm always skeptical when a GF recipe has "Awesome" in the title, because people that live GF kind of forget what awesome tastes like, but, in this case, "awesome" is quite accurate.

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