Monday, September 17, 2007

Dinner Update

Chicken Nuggets

Mmm. I'm not usually one to include potato chips as an ingredient in a main course, but desperate times call for... chicken nuggets? Anyway, after initial hesitation, the kids loved this.

While out of town this weekend, we visited a natural foods store. I let E pick out what she wanted, up to $20. Then she came across GF waffle cones. They were $8.36 for a box of 8, which, YIKES. So, I told her she could have them if she put back two of the other things she had picked out, and she did. Gladly. She was so excited for these. We went and bought some Breyer's yesterday and she had her first ice cream cone since going gluten free. She was absolutely thrilled. $8 well spent? YES.

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