Monday, June 15, 2009

Hiccup on this Snowball, Ragamuffin

We've been on this frugal/debt repayment/whatever thing for almost two years now. And in that time, we've paid down some debt, added a family member, and didn't add any new debt. And that's been really good.

But my clothes were looking really bad, people. And I'm not kidding. FRUMPY.

And yesterday, after finding out my freelance work will be sticking around for awhile (YAY!), SuperDad took me shopping. And $215 later, I have a whole new wardrobe. I bought 5 pairs of pants, 3 skirts, and 9 shirts. Woo! I'm really excited to have nice clothes again, and I think it's worth the little hiccup in the snowball to make sure I don't look like a ragamuffin at work. ;)

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