Tuesday, June 17, 2008

100 Things


This great article discusses the 100 Thing Challenge, something that really inspires me.

Though *me* isn't so much the problem, as I'm an ardent tosser myself (hi, college roommate, sorry for throwing away those concert tickets before you used them, they were cluttering up my desk, you know).

It's the kid stuff that gets me. The toys that were gifts. The clothes stored in future sizes and past sizes for future kids. Or possible future kids. The books upon books upon books. How can books be a bad thing? (This is easily answered on my behalf - I happily let the library store my books and Netflix store my movies and my MP3 player store my CDs, but...)

Could you ever live with just 100 things? Because I'm sure 100 things (or 50?) would have seemed an unbelievable luxury to the Ingalls family. (Though I'm finding the Wilder family to be quite from a different eschelon, socially. THREE barns? An eat-in kitchen AND a dining room? Fan-cy!)

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