Wednesday, June 18, 2008

High Gas Prices?

Everyone seems to be talking about the high gas prices these days. According to this nifty tool, it looks like stations in our area are ranging from $3.85 to $4.05 a gallon.

If you've ever been to this blog before, you know that we live on a pretty tight budget, so it seems that something like this would really be a budget buster for us. But honestly? It hasn't been.

In March, we budgeted $170 for gas. Then we bought the minivan, bumping up from a sedan. Then gas prices started going up. So we adjusted the budget. I now budget $210 per month for gas. And we've had extra room in this category ever since (though we do use more gas in the winter).

Could an extra $40 a month ($480 a year) bust our budget? Sure, if we hadn't planned/accounted for it.

Though, I do have to say, as someone who remembers when $6 would fill up my tank enough to get me home from college, paying $50 at the pump is painful - and that's nothing compared to what people who drive SUVs and trucks are paying - youch! But, I always thought y'all were crazy anyway. ;)

How have gas prices affected your budget?

(Oh, and as further food for thought - check out Tread Softly and her car-free lifestyle! If we lived without a car, we would shear $331 out of our budget - and we don't even have a "real" car payment!)

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