Thursday, May 1, 2008


Besides the obvious benefit of jeans with stretchy waistbands, switching completely over to maternity clothes is good for another reason too - it's a great opportunity to evaluate my "regular" wardrobe. I've been inspired the last year or so to really pare down my closet to only what I really love and really need.

I took this month's $25 clothing budget and went to Target, where I bought four tubs for clothing storage. I had determined that, even though I keep having babies, meaning I've gone way up and down the size ranges, and even though we fully have all four seasons here, that four tubs should be enough to store any sane person's clothes. I was ready to chuck (and by "chuck" I mean "save for a rummage sale") anything that didn't fit in the four tubs.

Imagine my shock when I only filled up two and a half.

Maybe a sane person only needs 2 tubs of clothes? Or maybe I just bought too large of tubs. There's a thought.

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