Thursday, December 3, 2009

Off Topic

I was going to write a post today about running into someone who hated me in junior high (ahem, probably for good reason) and how it made me feel embarrassed about my jalopy of a car and how I don't often feel that way, and I don't think feeling that way is useful, but those feelings sometimes sneak in anyway.

But instead, I'd like to say that something miraculous has happened to me. And it's that my heart has somehow, some way softened toward dogs. I wasn't exactly an anti-dog person, but fell firmly on the "cats are great" side of things instead. But I've realized something about dogs. And it's that, some dogs let you treat them like BABIES. FOREVER. I just love having a baby in the house, I really and truly do. I love having someone who will let me cuddle them non-stop, but kids, eventually they grow out of that. But from what I understand, there are some dogs who don't!

My cats are cuddlers, don't get me wrong. But I can't exactly put them in my purse and take them to the store with me. I mean, unless I wanted to lose limbs and whatnot.

So, don't be too surprised when someday you see me carrying around a dog wearing a baby sweater. It could happen.


RonaldJ said...

If you'd like to take a pup on a "test drive" I'd be more than happy to lend you ours. Shhh - don't tell my family ;-)

They are truly babies in more ways than can be imagined. Like this morning when his yapping woke me up at 5:30 because he barfed in his crate then decided to clean it up by himself...

Didn't mean to burst your bubble. I'm much more a dog person than a cat person, so I'll at least give you kudos for coming around on that point!


Super Heather - aka Mom said...

seriously, who hated you? I find that strange. Now if you want to talk about who hated me when we were attending good 'ol Simmons then get a thick notebook & a pen ready! :) I love dogs, we have a yellow lab who is 5 & thinks he is a lap dog -- total big baby!

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