Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ghosts of Christmases Past

I recently ran across my 2006 Christmas list for the two kids I had at the time.  Let's take a look and see how many of these things were worth the money, shall we?

I guess it's my blog, so if I say we shall, then we shall!

E received
Hat and mittens - These are actually still in use.
Clothes - Outgrown but surely needed and used.
Soccer ball - Long since deflated, probably buried somewhere in the garage.
Microphone - This is used practically every day. Whether ANYONE in my house was in any kind of need of voice amplification is very much in doubt, but they still like this toy that we bought for $2.

Clatterpillar - We were huge into Kindermusik at this time and I was amassing instruments at an alarming rate. This is still around, somewhere.

Tent - De.Stroyed. Probably before New Year's. Of that same year.
Wooden puzzles - Still around, though rarely taken out, since pieces get lost and I lose my cool entirely.
Frosty balls - OMG. E had decided that year that she needed, at all costs and most importantly, a ball. With Frosty the Snowman on it. You would think this would have been easy to find. It was not. We ended up buying her a dog toy. Nice. They were rarely played with.

D received
Shoes - Used and outgrown
Clothes - Ditto
Kindermusik rhythm sticks - Baby D took one look at these and his little boy brain interpreted them as "weapon." They are put away.

Teethers - We got him a big box of teethers. Not a one of my kids has ever chewed on a teether. Ever.
Bumbleball - You put a battery in it and it vibrated. Fun for a day, then the battery wore out. Fun for another day, then the battery wore out. Given away.

Truck - Don't even remember this.
Stuffed elephant - Oh. This is his Janet. His beloved, be-chewed, be-slobbered, be-tattered Janet. It goes with us everywhere. The big hit of the year, for sure.

Synopsis? Worth the money = hat, mittens, clothes, shoes, microphone, and stuffed elephant. Spent? $120. Could have spent? $40. But who can predict these things?  Not me.


Jovigal said...

You are braver than me, going back and taking a look at "wasted" money lol I like to live in denial and pretend every toy I get for Christmas will be loved, cherished and never parted with. And then 6 months later when I'm getting ready for a yard sale or play room cleanup I tell myself they have outgrown it. :)

Diamond said...

We did well last year because we didn't buy much. The biggest waste? The Cinderella doll set that was like Polly Pocket. We didn't lose the tiny pieces like I expected. Instead the legs somehow became detached from the body.

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