Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

Dear faithful reader(s?),

I have some terrible news to share with you. I have caught a most horrifying disease, and one that you should take measures to prevent yourself. 

I call it Gymboree Madness.
I know, right? Gymboree clothing couldn't be more ridiculous expensive could it?  But first there was a sale, and then a 20% off coupon and then free shipping, and this very highly addictive substance known as Gymbucks, and before you know it, I've spent $107 but SAVED $138.  (Did you catch that?  $245.00 "worth" of clothes, I paid $107.00. For 12 items of clothing, a reasonable average of less than $9 each, including two Easter dresses.) PLUS I'll get $50 off my next $100 order.  (My NEXT $100 order.  It's like crack, I'm telling you.)

They didn't talk about this in DARE, people.  They really, really didn't.  Perhaps I should start a Gym-anon.

The Gluten Free Spendthrift

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