Friday, December 12, 2008


So. Last night I dreamt (Don't you "love" hearing about other people's dreams? What if I just say YOU were in this dream, and then it will be more interesting to you?) AGAIN that it was my first day of high school and I couldn't find my class. AGAIN. Oh, and there you (yes, you!) were, in the hall there.

I've been having this dream, oh, forever (Well, except for the YOU part. That part is new, of course.). And it made me wonder: if I'd been homeschooled, would I have never had this dream? And if so, would I now have all this extra brainspace (once dedicated to dreams about high school) that I could use for very important things like learning how to make the phones magically suck electricity from the power lines so that we never have to buy batteries? Or to figure out why I couldn't get out of my driveway yesterday because there was a TUMBLEWEED in my way? A tumbleweed! What is this? Gunfight at the Gluten Free Corral?

Aren't you glad I brought you all here today for these very important thoughts about things neither gluten free nor frugal? You're welcome.

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