Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miss Baby M

So, Miss Baby M is 2 1/2 months old now. And laughing (she thinks it's hee-hee-hee funny when I ask her, "Who has stinky toes? Who? Is it YOU? Who has stinky toes?" Parenting is somewhat humiliating, you know? Also, I should maybe squeeze in more frequent baths for her. Hm.). And she smiles a lot. And she is really a sweetie. (Okay, so SuperDad may occasionally disagree since she is NOT a fan of bottles and therefore occasionally not a fan of the people who try to give her bottles, a list that includes SuperDad and both grandmas. But she really likes me, and maybe there's something to this stay-at-home-MOM thing, after all.) And the other kids love her too, she's by far the most popular person at our house.

Anyway, I'm very much enjoying my gorgeous little fatty girl, even if I'm missing normal pizza A LOT. Just felt like sharing.

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