Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I had planned to do a rummage sale this year. And then got completely a) overwhelmed with the work of it and b) grossed out by the idea of sitting in my hot garage all day. So 90% of our stuff was donated to the church rummage sale, and I took some of the best baby stuff to the kids consignment store.

(Why am I getting rid of baby stuff with a new baby on the way? - Mostly it was duplicates, things that will be out of season for this baby, and things I just didn't use.)


I went back yesterday and I had $21 in store credit to use. And they were having a sale. So I got three outfits for the baby and five shirts for D. And I've still got $6 in store credit left. Yay! I'll definitely be repeating that experience! (And I'm not adding those outfits to the "cost of the baby" on the sidebar, since they didn't really cost me anything!)

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