Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do-it-Yourselfer? Me?

We went to Arts in the Park today. You know, arts and crafts and fried foods and lemonade. I couldn't help but think, as we were walking through, how almost (definite almost because there truly were some amazing artists there), but almost everything either SuperDad or I could make ourselves, if we were really so inclined.

I guess that's maybe the big lesson I'm learning from the Little House series. Anything you really need, you mostly can make it yourself. Or figure out how. And if it's not worth the work to do that, is it really worth the money?

Not that I'll be churning my own butter anytime soon, but thinking that way cuts life back to a simplicity that we don't often experience these days, walking through Wal-Mart throwing whatever junk into the cart.

In other news, my swollen and miserable pregnant feet forced us to put in and turn on the air conditioners today. Yuck.

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