Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Answering the Questions

1. Has it been difficult to buy locally?
No. New clothes are not available, and cat food is more expensive. We're working on making our own curtain rods because we can't buy them. We wish there were more fast food places.

2. What do you miss?
I miss that it's so easy to go to McDonald's and they have a button right on their cash register for "no bun." It makes it so much easier to order gluten-free for our kids. As we start going to local restaurants (we've eaten out twice so far), it's like starting all over to explain what we need and why.

I also miss going to the mall just to walk around, but I know the temptation would be too much for me. Especially the food court.

3. How did you know your kids were gluten intolerant?
My daughter had a blood test when she was nearly two. I knew, based on her symptoms (rashes, stomach upsets, diahhrea, slow weight gain), that we were probably dealing with a food allergy of some type. I didn't figure out it was gluten until her blood test came back. I knew my son was when he exhibited the same symptoms.

4. What formula did you use?
I didn't. I nursed both kids fully for over a year each. I didn't know my first was gluten intolerant. With the second, I eliminated gluten (and for awhile, dairy) from my diet while nursing.

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