Monday, October 15, 2007

Not Perfect

SuperDad suggested that I come clean about how very much we failed the budget this pay period. Admit my faults? Ah. Okay. Here it goes.

In addition to the $40 we had from the Great Snowsuit Return of '07, we spent an additional $74.62 that we didn't have, which had to come out of this pay period. Ouch.

Let's see where it went, even though it's extremely painful to do so:

1. Fabric for Halloween costume (which could have waited, but I was excited and the fabric was clearanced and I lost my head) $3.25
2. Frappucino $1.88
3. Chips .33
4. Thai noodles for kiddos .99
5. Gatorade because we were all sick (um, and really we just wanted it) 3.79
6. Diet Mt. Dew (ouch) 3.49
7. Bananas 1.52
8. Pears 1.73
9. Frozen secret after kids are in bed pizza of deliciousness 2.19
10. And another one 2.19
11. Burger King 7.77
12. Fancy coffee 8.03
13. Kuchen that I promised to take to church 8.38
14. Muffins that I craved 3.39
15. Skim milk 1.45
16. Whole milk 1.98
17. Cereal 2.00
18. Kleenex 1.76
19. Toothpaste 2.87
20. Hot dogs .77
21. Toilet paper 5.28
22. Litter 5.36
23. Tax

You can see how very few of these things we actually needed. It was mostly junk and stuff and impulse purchases and I'm disappointed. It's crazy how quickly money can disappear, especially if you're already off track.

But the point is to get right back on track again. And we're trying!

What we're really losing out on, though, is that $75 we could have put toward our debt. And we're not.

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