Monday, September 24, 2007

School Lunch

Last Friday I went to a local Celiac Disease conference, which was wonderful, and I hope to share some more info that I learned down the road.

There was a woman there, discussing her struggle to take advantage of the school's reduced lunch program, when the school was incapable of making a lunch free of her child's allergens.

Well. See. I'm broke, I hear ya. But when it comes to my child's health? I'll give up a lot of things. There is *no* *way*, and I honestly don't care that the child has a *right* to that school lunch, but there is NO WAY (can I say that again? NO WAY!) I would take that risk. I cannot trust that every person that works in that lunchroom understands the precautions necessary to keep my child healthy. I cannot risk her health and well being to save... what? A few cents a day? I mean, really, what does it cost to send a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (EVEN on gluten free bread) and a banana? (Ahem, especially when this women then went on to describe all of the restaurants that have made accomodations for her child. Ever heard of reallocation? Priorities?)

I'm just saying.

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