Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Wardrobe Update

1. Bras (1 bought, 11.99)
2. Black tank (bought, 9.99 at Target)
3. White tank (bought, 9.99 at Target)
4. Fall jacket (bought, 24.99 at Target, then bought a second for $8.00 at thrift store)
5. Summer shirts (6 bought, on clearance from Penney's and Sears, spent $9.00 total!)
6. Black skirt (bought, on clearance, 4.99 at JC Penney's)
7. Tights
8. Black dress pants (hoping that I don't need these, as I lose weight)
9. Dark denim skirt (14.99, Kohl's)
10. Winter shirts
11. Cardigan
12. Dress for weddings (bought on clearance at Younkers, $3.72 on clearance from original price $72.00!)
13. Sweatshirts
14. Dress for funerals (again, God forbid)
15. Underwear

I also bought a pair of jeans for $11.00 at a thrift store.

I additionally decided that it would be okay to spend some of my clothing budget at Weight Watchers, which will hopefully help me fit back into some of the clothes I already own.

Remaining clothing budget: $154

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