Friday, September 7, 2007

New Clothes

I need to replace virtually all my clothes, partially because I've gained weight (though I'm working on that!) and partially because what I have is worn out. I have $385 to spend. I have a prioritized list, that goes like this:

1. Bras.
2. Black layering tank, shelf bra would be nice.
3. Ditto in white.
4. Fall jacket.
5. Summer shirts.
6. Tights.
7. Black dress pants.
8. Dark denim skirt (long).
9. Winter shirts.
10. Cardigan sweater.
11. Dress to wear to weddings.
12. Sweatshirts.
13. Dress to wear to funerals (God forbid).
14. Underwear.

I haven't had the best luck at the local consignment stores finding these kind of basics. The store at which I think I could get the farthest down the list is Old Navy. But part of me wants to buy really nice stuff, maybe organic cotton or hemp, and get down the list as I can.

Any thoughts?

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