Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday, we hit rummage sales. I bought:
1 boys Old Navy long sleeve t-shirt 2T .50
1 boys Old Navy short sleeve t-shirt 4T .75
1 boys Gap jacket and pants set $2.00
1 book about llamas (for the kids, this isn't SO much my cup of tea) .25

E bought:
For herself, one stuffed bee, orange and black $1.00 (this is way too much, but it was her money that she earned by helping around the house, plus then she offered to buy for her brother:)
One stuffed soccer ball .25

She learned a good lesson by seeing lots of good deals after that, but her money was gone.

Yesterday, we splurged on one final trip to the water park, for $15. Spending a tiny amount on clothes so that I can splurge on something really fun? Well, that's a deal in my book.

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