Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Fridge

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that the giant glob of shoes was not piled next to the fridge. And also... where did all of the magnets go? And hey. HEY, y'all! That's a new fridge! Guys! Hey!

And into the kitchen ran my daughter, and my husband, and my in-laws, and finally my son all wanting to know, "So, DID you see it?" (Okay, maybe the baby didn't care so much about that.) Because apparently my husband had promised that, yes, they could put the old fridge right next to where I park in the garage, and no, I would not notice it when I pulled up next to it. And he was totally right. I often say that the best place to hide a body would be in my back yard because, dude, I would never find it.

So. New fridge for me! We decided we needed a new fridge after doing this and determining (because the stores so nicely list how much each appliance costs in energy per year) that our old fridge was costing us $200 a year more in energy than a new $400 fridge would. So. Husband asked that his family pool their birthday present money for me and now, I will enter year 29 (yarg) of my life as the proud owner of a brand new energy-efficient fridge.

(Actually, I looked into buying a tiny fridge, like a 10 cubic foot fridge, the smallest kind they make with a separate freezer - necessary for breastmilk storage, you know, just in case - because our fridge is always mostly empty. I don't really get how people have full fridges, but maybe if we could order pizza and take-out and if we didn't eat our leftovers and... Yeah. I don't get it. Anyway! The tiny fridges? More expensive. And not that much more energy efficient. So. Regular fridge for me.)

And our old fridge plus the old fridge the previous owners left in the garage but which we have never used? We sold them for $50. Score!

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