Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Charity When You're Broke

Giving to others feeds the soul. Here are some things I've done in the last year that haven't cost me anything:

  • Donated my time and "talent" by writing the newsletter for a local grassroots organization
  • Donated my blood (I just got my gallon award. Sorry if that's eww.)
  • Grew and then donated my hair to Locks of Love
  • Donated leftover baby food and hospital giveaway baby formula to the food bank.
  • Donated clothes to the Salvation Army

A quick note on donating clothes. Anything that has holes or stains or is missing buttons? Just toss it, because if you don't have the time/energy/ability to fix it, neither do the people that shop at thrift stores. To donate unwearable clothing is to cost the thrift store the money it takes to haul it away. I can't personally bear to throw away clothes, so I usually make a fabric scrap out of the good parts, which I have been saving for some future project of unknown composition.

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