Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Far We've Come

The last year or so was rough, budget-wise. We were routinely spending more than we earned. We had no savings. We we struggling.

But I decided it was time to reign it in. We needed a budget, and we needed one now. And we needed to decide it wasn't okay to spend all of our savings every month. And it wasn't okay to just whip out the credit card when that money was gone.

Since we've moved to a cash budget envelope system, we are now living within our means. We have paid off our credit card (WOO!). We have begun to build up our savings, including almost achieving a $1000 emergency fund. And soon, we'll start paying down our remaining debts.

Now, if I could just apply these principles to my diet. Hmm... diet envelope system, now there's an idea. Or not.

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