Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby-Planning Plan

Shall we update? I'm 33 weeks along now. Am I ready?

Anyone have advice for eating gluten free in a hospital? Other than "bring your own food!"?

This is the 4th time I've planned for a new baby. I am a list maker (and list keeper) by nature, so each time I have improved on my baby-planning plan.

I keep my baby-planning plan in a small notebook I keep in my purse, and it has nine, separate, tabbed sections. (And now you're thinking, "Hellooooo, crazy person!")

1. Doula
Uh... found one. Kind of. But considering going without. Eeep. This is the name(s) and number(s) of the doula(s) I am considering. If I can find even one.

2. Announcements
Done. A listing of everyone to whom I will send a birth announcement. I updated everyone's mailing label (Okay, stop. Confession time. I actually made mailing labels for the very first time ever when I sent Christmas cards this year. In so many ways, I'm a girl that likes to write things out by hand, but it was getting to be a bit much these days. So I have mailing labels now. Welcome to the 90's. Or something.)

3. Contacts
Done. Phone numbers and email addresses for people I may want to call from the hospital. Or more like, "Hey, SuperDad, call these people. And bring me enchiladas!"

4. To Do
Still left on my to-do list, with goal dates:
Still not done. Update all baby books - 12/19/09 (ahem)
Done. Move desktop computer upstairs - 1/2/10 (hi, not done yet)
Still not done. Update wills - 1/16/10 (soon?)
Done. Sew blanket for new baby - 2/6/10 (fabric is bought)
Done. Pack hospital bag - 3/13/10
Done. Install car seat - 4/3/10
Not done. Not yet scheduled to be done. Does not count. Sterilize bottles and pump parts - 4/10/10
Not done. But hospital has reverted to normal visitor policies, so needs to be done. Buy gifts for kids to open at hospital - 4/17/10 (actually, as it is now, they aren't even allowed to visit the hospital, so we'll see)

5. Hospital Packing List
Done. (This is so, so different than it used to be. I'm getting good at it now.)
Swim suits (to wear in Jacuzzi)
Lip balm
Toiletry bag, stocked
Slipper socks
Outfits for baby (Want to make sure your baby doesn't get switched for someone else's baby? Step 1: Keep them with you. Step 2: Dress them in adorable, non-hospital outfits! Step 3: Look at the kid. I don't get how people think all babies look the same. Our kids look like our kids, from day one. And, also, not that much like Winston Churchill. Mr. Magoo, maybe.)

Nail clippers
Kid gifts (or not)
Baby book
Baby coat
Car seat cover
Birth plan

6. Names


7. Questions for Doctor
I say "questions" but I mean "This is what I'm going to do, if you have a PROBLEM with that, let me know now."

Done. Pleased.

8. To Do List, After Baby Arrives
So far:
Make and send birth announcements
Send thank yous (if anyone buys gifts for a fourth child, that is! Hee.)
Join a gym (Haaaa ha ha ha ha)

9. Maternity Leave Budget

I'm not sure that you care or whatever, but that's my baby planning plan, for posterity. Or to annoy you.


Diamond said...

I have to admit, I don't pack my bag until I'm in labour. And then I am more concerned with the movies I want to watch after baby is born.

NibblesandVittles.com said...

wow! you're even more a list person than I am...

(sadly though as awesome at I am at making lists I'm pretty sad at following them heh)

huddtoo said...

Do you need nail clippers at the hospital? You could do them before hand... or maybe it's because once you get to a point, you can no longer see your toes and super dad refuses to cut your nails....until he's like 70. ;)

Or did you mean nail clippers for THE BABY? hehe We aren't allowed in our hospital, they won't do them and you can't until you get home. You can however, make the poor things wear mittens because inevitably they will scratch themselves! Weird, yes. Oh and our OB unit is 'no one under 18' at the moment.

When are you due? I may have missed that one.

Good to have a plan/list. Hey, if you miss something, no biggie, you'll cover more bases than you would have if you'd done nothing!

Tenille said...

Nail clippers are for baby. Because baby inevitably scratch their faces those first couple days if I don't cut them. I won't use the mitten things because there's some research about babies deriving self-comfort from the smell of their own hands. Which makes sense.

I can't imagine why they wouldn't be "allowed" in the hospital, but I'm beyond caring much what the hospital allows. Well, I mean, I can sneak in nail clippers, not children! ;)

I'm due mid-May. Ish. :)

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