Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things I Need To Do That Won't Get Done Today

1) Weed the garden - Oh yeah, did I mention we added another bed to the square foot garden?  Yep.  I thought I was BRILLIANT for using cinder blocks.  Until they got so HOT and also became SPIDER HEAVEN.  Sigh.  (Note: To do next year, buy those lid things)

2) Put away SuperDad's clean laundry.  Which he possibly MAYBE could have done himself, especially since he prefers a origami-style folding method which requires some sort of advanced degree in spatial relations. And we all know I can't even pick out the right sized container for leftovers.

3) Give the kids a bath. Note: Baby pool full of dead grass not suitable replacement.
4) Put baby back in her OWN bed after night time feedings. Yeah, right.

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