Monday, June 30, 2008

Woo to the Hoo!

On Saturday we got two pieces of mail.

A) A letter from the utilities company, saying our bill would be going down another $24 a month. YAY! That $24 will be going in to the baby fund, of course, thankyouverymuch. Learn more about our quest to lower utilities here.

B) A letter from the insurance company saying that, other than the $15 copay I already paid, the ultrasound was completely covered. I'm thinking it wasn't last time (we had a different company then), so I consider that a $300+ savings. New and tiny pink outfits will be bought in celebration. (Also, side note, how much of my health insurance premium do I pay? $0. My company pays the whole thing for me. You want to work where I do, don't you? Yes you do!)

That's some good mail.

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