Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Day

Little House Update: Ma brought the wooden pannikin of soft soap from the wagon. She kilted up her skirts and rolled up her sleeves, and she knelt by the tub on the grass. She washed sheets and pillow-cases and white underthings, she washed dresses and shirts, and she rinsed them in clear water and spread them on the clean grass, to dry in the sun. . . .

Ma was folding the dry clothes. The little panties and petticoats were whiter than snow, warm from the sun, and smelling like grass.

Seriously. Even with a washing machine and fancy detergent and not having to lay them on the ground, I can't really get my whites white (without bleach). I know the sun helps and all, but not enough. Sigh. Then there's a whole scene of Ma ironing. In a wagon. Even though they won't see, and haven't seen, a human being for... weeks? Months? Uh, okay.

Dinner Update: Grilled cheese sandwiches on. The kids wanted "soup" - so I just made some broth with beef bouillon and threw in some leftover noodles and veggies.

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