Friday, May 30, 2008

The Week of My Awesome Husband

1. I dropped my very favorite jade earrings into the big garbage can. The ones SuperDad bought for me in San Francisco's Chinatown. After picking through unspeakable things with the tongs my friend Amy gave me as a wedding gift (shout out!), I called SuperDad to complain. He said he'd come right home and look for them, but I told him not to, that this was one of those, "Gloria, I too have felt thirst" moments. But, he argued, that, as a guy, when he's thirsty, he just wants a drink. (It's hilarious if you get it.) So he sorted through all of the garbage until he found my earring and then he cleaned and sanitized it for me.

2. Yesterday, SuperDad picked me up from work for a lunch date. He was the hot one in the minivan. Hands off.

3. I've been working on sewing costumes for the upcoming Renaissance Festival. But my sewing machine completely stopped working. After SuperDad pulled the whole thing apart, and spent hours (during the finale of LOST!) examining it, he made a diagnosis: I had the bobbin threader thing switched over. Uhhh. Oops.

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