Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Over Budget

Again. Sigh.

I think we need a $150 "we're too sick to care about the budget" cushion built into our budget. Yuck.

The whole family was sick this week, and little expenses added up quickly.

I did save us a bundle, though, since we were almost on our way to the emergency room Sunday night. It had been too many days of sick little ones and was still too many hours until the doctor's office opened, and I knew an ER visit would TOTALLY blow our budget, when I remembered that our insurance company offers a 1-800 call-in program where we could speak to a nurse about the symptoms and she could help us identify if we really needed to see a doctor or not.

I was more than relieved to find out we could treat this at home, in fact, we were already doing everything right (go BRATY diet!), and as usual, things turned around the next day anyway. Wonder how much money that saved? (Oh, I get that it saves the insurance company money too, but that ends up saving all of us.)

In other news, the garden is SPROUTING! Woo! Pictures, hopefully, soon.

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