Friday, January 18, 2008

We keep plugging away at the Debt Snowball.

This month, we repaid $230 to the emergency fund, leaving us with only $145 to go until we hit our $1000 goal. Let's say we hadn't had the emergency fund when our car broke down in December, AT CHRISTMAS. First, we would have had to take the car to be fixed at a place that takes credit cards, instead of taking our neighbor up on his great offer to fix it for the cost of parts only. Because that's cost-effective, sure. And then, since we had a balance on the card anyway... well, it *is* Christmas, and... Yeah, I know where we'd be, right up to our eyeballs in credit debt again.

This month we also paid down $261 of our debt. Which is zero dollars above the minimum payments, but it still goes down. I find the more that I keep track of my debt, the more of a thrill I get with every dollar that it goes down.

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