Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day!

The first things I'm going to do tomorrow?
1. Eat at McDonald's. Mmmm. I don't care.
2. Buy myself some new winter gloves. Brrr.
3. Work on finishing up my Christmas shopping. I didn't horde anything before November and I didn't plan to put off any purchases until after, but there were some things I simply could not buy locally.

Overall, I think it was a success, and I plan to do something similar, perhaps more extreme next November. My two ideas would be to either shop only *actually* locally - where the only things I would buy would include locally grown produce and meat and dairy and nothing else, OR to not buy food at all that month and eat only out of a well-stocked pantry/freezer. Both of those ideas would require that I stock up over the entire next year, I think, and would depend on my deciding to do a garden. We'll see what happens!

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