Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Outfit Mindset - Works for Me Wednesday

I've touched before on this before, but thought I'd elaborate a bit.

When it comes to clothes, I believe in outfits. I do not believe in separates. Especially when it comes to kids. When I buy clothes and when I fold clothes and when I put clothes in the dressers, I do it by outfit. Do I ever mix and match? Sure, but I do it at the laundry level, not at the pick-out-the-clothes level. Each outfit is together, shirt on top, ready to be grabbed and put on. This eliminates the digging which eliminates the messy drawers and wrinkled clothes and forgotten items (um, not that that has ever happened to me, oh no. hee). Plus, we don't end up with some adorable item that doesn't match anything else and therefore can't be worn. That said, it's always useful to have a few more shirts than pants, as those tend to get spilled on/stained/wet/whatever more than pants. But all things are possible.

I don't know how frugal this is, but it sure is gluten free! ;)

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