Friday, August 31, 2007

Budget Update

Another pay day. We didn't do as well this time. I mean, we didn't use the credit card or anything, but when the basement money came in, we started spending it in ways that we hadn't really planned. On things like books, toys for the kids (E finally got the doctor's set with the band-aid that she's been asking for since last year), eating out, Weight Watchers (!!!!). We spent about $300 of the $5000 like this, which isn't too bad, really. The rest is on track.

Anyway, due to all this spending, we obviously went above and beyond our budget this month. But, it's back to basics this time again.

How do we end this month? With $0 left in any envelope, but the following savings:

Car tags: $24
Christmas: $150
Taxes (to pay the tax preparer): 20
Preschool: $210
Print photos: $50
New clothes for MEEEE!: $385

Plus $976 in our emergency fund - so close!

Income: $1182

$703 mortgage
$93 cable
$8 tags
$20 emergency fund (even closer!)
$220 food
$70 gas
$10 books/clothes
$28 fun
$30 gifts

The end.

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