Thursday, August 23, 2007

Budget Update

It's August 23rd, 7 days until payday. Below is what is left in our envelopes:

Food: 0

Gas: $39 (This is really high, and I'm sure some of this will be reallocated toward food. Doesn't "reallocated" sound better than "yeah, we just stopped following the rules and are going to use our cash for whatever we feel like now"? It does, right?)

Books/Clothes: $10

Gifts: 0 (We didn't put any money in here to begin with, since I didn't think we had gifts to buy this time. Except now I realize that I totally forgot someone's birthday. Yarg! Hopefully he will enjoy his gift of gas, because that's what we have money for.) Let's ignore the fact that I just ended a sentence in a prepostion and move on. And I did it again.

I think we're in okay shape, considering we have plenty of food in the house and I've still got my Avon money coming in. Okay, there's that pesky preposition AGAIN. Gotta go. Arrrrh!

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