Monday, July 9, 2007

Where We Sit Today

Here are the things:

1) Two kids, one definitely gluten intolerant, one probably gluten intolerant, who can't eat McNuggets or Kraft Mac 'N Cheese or Spaghettios. One mom (me), trying to work within a very tight budget.

2) A very tight budget. We're trying to live on one income (mine) while my husband, SuperDad, stays home with the kids and starts up a photography business.

3) AND trying to pay off debt, which includes:

  • $2,200 in credit cards (YARG!)
  • $18,107 in student loan debt
  • $84,000 mortgage

Budget update - As of today:

  • Today is the 9th.
  • Which is 4 days until pay day.
  • We're doing a cash budget this pay period and we've got:
  • $5 left in our food envelope.
  • And $20 left in our gas envelope.

Dinner update - Last night for dinner we had:

  • Hamburgers and hot dog (yes, we only had one left in the fridge, but we used it up!) on the grill
  • SuperDad and I had homemade hamburger buns, out of the freezer
  • Kiddos have no idea what buns are
  • Potatoes with butter and Calla seasoning (I can't find this online, so maybe it's a local thing? I think it's mostly pepper and sea salt. It was a gift from our realtor.)
  • Watermelon

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