Friday, July 20, 2007

Pantry Shopping

It's a long pay period this time. 18 days. 18! And I realized, too late, that I didn't plan for enough dinners. By five!

I have some money in savings ($85 in general savings, $75 for Christmas), but I hate to use that if I don't have to.

So I went pantry shopping. Here are the meals I can make with what is in my cupboards/fridge/freezer:

Farmer's Breakfast
Breakfast Casserole
Corn Potato Chowder
Mashed Potato Pups (I know, ew. The kids love it. And by "kids," I really mean "my husband.")
French toast and canned fruit
Eggs and breakfast sausage

So, a lot of breakfast-for-dinner, and again, potatoes. But it will get us through, with an extra meal even! Though I'll probably need to buy more eggs.

Budget Update
Money spent yesterday: $3.00 to ride the train at the park, most of what remained of my fun money.

Days until pay day: 11. Gulp.

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