Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One Notch

We've been living on one income for almost three and a half years now.

One of the things I find difficult is being the woman that's out in the world. If my husband was the one working an office job while I was home with the kids, I don't think he'd so much notice and he definitely wouldn't care if his clothes were just a notch older and shabbier than everyone else's. He wouldn't care at all that he couldn't go to the Lia Sophia party or order in Chinese at lunchtime. I'm not going to generalize that to all men, because what do I know? I know my husband, and he wouldn't care.

It's a challenge for me, but good for my soul, I think, to look past those little things and remember why we're doing this. And that my kids? A) Don't care about my clothes or jewelry, and B) Would probably spill chocolate milk all over anything nice I owned anyway, and C) If they didn't? I would.

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